Boulder, CO (March 26, 2024) – Blueprint Sports (BPS), the industry leader in full-service name, image, and likeness (NIL) collectives, proudly announces the launch of 5430 Alliance, the premier NIL Collective supporting all 350-plus University of Colorado student-athletes in a unifying move combining the Buffs4Life NIL Collective and 5430 Foundation to bring all of the university’s NIL opportunities into one streamlined organization.

“NIL is a critical component of our athletics programs as we support our student-athletes and compete for national championships,” said Rick George, University of Colorado’s Athletic Director. “5430 Alliance ushers in a new chapter of NIL at Colorado and allows all our fans and alumni to support our student-athletes through one avenue. We encourage every supporter of the Buffs community to pledge their support to 5430 Alliance.”

Every contribution makes a difference. Starting at only $15 a month, community supporters can become members of the collective and show their affinity for the Buffs with brand-new merchandise showcasing the new logo. As part of its launch goal, 5430 Alliance is seeking 5,000 CU fans to become members.

“WE HERE and we’re not settling for nothing! We have a commitment to DOMINATE on and off the field, and in order to do that we need to DOMINATE in our NIL program as well,” said Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders. “5430 Alliance gives EVERY darn Colorado fan the opportunity to be a part of HISTORY. IT DON’T STOP BABY!”

Buffs supporters, alumni, and fans have three easy ways to contribute to 5430 Alliance:

  • MembershipsBecome a member of 5430 Alliance and receive exclusive member benefits, like meet-and-greets with student-athletes, autographed merchandise, and more. 
  • One-Time Contributions: Fans and supporters can make a one-time general contribution to 5430 Alliance which directly supports CU student-athletes and Buffs NIL.
  • Tax-Deductible Donations: Supporters can make tax-deductible donations through 5430 Alliance’s partnership with the BPS Foundation, a 501c3 organization, to support Buffs student-athletes. Student-athletes will partner with local nonprofits to advocate for charitable causes, personally fulfilling that commitment with community service hours. 5430 Alliance will also work alongside other critical nonprofit organizations in the Boulder community to support their missions and expose Buff student-athletes to a variety of charitable outlets.


As part of the University’s consolidated NIL landscape, the Buffs4Life Foundation will be the premiere charity partner for 5430 Alliance, with student-athletes continuing to support the charitable opportunities of the organization. The Buffs4Life NIL Collective was the first NIL collective at the University of Colorado. They successfully navigated the ever-changing landscape of NIL to cover all of CU’s sports in the early stages of NIL at CU. Buffs4Life NIL Collective had opportunities to get current CU student-athletes in the community to support the Foundation’s mental health and suicide prevention initiatives for alumni athletes. Buffs4Life NIL Collective supported more than 200 CU student-athletes across seven different sports.

“We are so proud of the work that we’ve done already in the Boulder community, and even more proud that we can continue to work hand-in-hand with 5430 Alliance to make an impact,” said Sean Tufts, Buffs4Life President. “We are committed to the mission of Buffs Helping Buffs and with 5430 Alliance there’s a clear way for all of our fans to do just that.”

5430 Alliance will be staffed by a full-time, local team of dedicated professionals to manage the daily operations of the collective. The staff will work throughout the region to proactively fundraise from supporters, work with local non-profits who want to engage with student-athletes, and engage with businesses who believe that working with student-athletes can help boost their business and brands. The collective is actively hiring for the following positions: Executive Director, Director of Operations and Development and Sales Manager. Board members Eric Belcher and Jason Weiss will continue in their current roles.

“Our partnership with Blueprint Sports allows us to take 5430 Alliance to the next level and enhance our NIL opportunities and programming for all CU student-athletes,” said Belcher. “We’re thrilled to see where this next chapter takes us and for the immediate impact the support of our fans will have on our student-athletes and in our beloved community.”

Ahead of CU’s Black & Gold Day Spring Football Game, 5430 Alliance will also be organizing an exclusive event on April 26th featuring CU coaches, lettermen, and student-athletes. Details and tickets will be released on the collective’s website in the coming weeks. 

For more information about 5430 Alliance, visit 5430alliance.com and follow on Facebook, Instagram and X.




5430 Alliance is the premiere Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) collective supporting 350-plus student-athletes at the University of Colorado. Supporters, fans, and alumni who support 5430 Alliance are pledging to maximize opportunities for student-athletes to build their brands and engage with the community. There are various ways to get involved, including corporate partnerships, memberships, and charitable contributions. 5430 Alliance is powered by parent company Blueprint Sports. For more information about NIL partnerships with Buffs student-athletes, visit 5430alliance.com.



Buffs4Life Foundation has been a 501(c)(3) organization for over 19 years focused on supporting CU alumni athletes. CU alumni athletes are eligible to receive financial and mental health support when they need it. Their charitable outreach is focused on promoting generational ties between current and alumni Buffs and the Boulder community. Buffs4Life Foundation operates a scholarship fund that all CU alumni student-athletes and their children are eligible to apply for. While the foundation will no longer continue the NIL aspect of the organization, it will continue in its mission to provide a support system that ensures that no University of Colorado Athlete Alumni shall struggle alone.  Visit Buffs4Life Foundation website for more information buffs4life.org.



Founded in 2020, Blueprint Sports (BPS) powers the industry's leading name, image, and likeness (NIL) collectives for alumni, supporters, and businesses, connecting them with student-athletes at their favorite universities. BPS' national portfolio of collectives supports student-athletes across the country, including Penn State University, University of Arkansas, University of Kansas, University of Maryland, University of Washington, University of Colorado, Boston College, NC State University, University of Utah, Villanova University, Stanford University, Gonzaga University, University of Arizona, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Nevada, and more. The Blueprint Sports management team possesses over 50 years of college and professional sports experience, spanning the Pac-12 Conference, IMG, Learfield, and more. For more information, visit blueprintsports.com or its pages on FacebookInstagram and X.  




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